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The Power of One

Who was Lizzie Lulu?

Lizzie Lulu

Elizabeth Lulu was born at home in Lancaster, California, on May 8th, 1993. A lifelong lover of rock ‘n’ roll (at 11 months her favorite song was Green Day’s “Basket Case”) Lizzie was also a huge fan of Hilary Duff. She was known for her brilliant, wonderful smile and her tremendous sense of humor. She visited Wisconsin, Sonoma County, Chicago and Phoenix, Arizona. She loved Disneyland and her favorite Disney character was Tinkerbell, but she also loved the Revenge of the Mummy ride at Universal. Her favorite food was sushi (Thai peanut sauce was a close second) and she learned to love reading proud of having completed Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone on her own. She appeared on stage at the Sacred Fools Theater stage and in television commercials and was on a prize winning cheerleading team.

She loved her friends and family and her stepmother and her father and her dog Huckleberry. She touched our lives and changed them and we will always, always remember her.

Our mission:

Every year we look through applications from college bound CF teens, looking for those who most closely reflect the aspects that remind us of Elizabeth; curiosity, generosity, intelligence and more. Lizzie never gave up. No one should. She wanted to go to college. And, with the ELSF Scholarship, we get to send her (name) to college every year.