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Scholarship Recipients

On May 15 of 2006, 3 days after Elizabeth Lulu succumbed to Cystic Fibrosis, it was decided to honor her name and her spirit through a scholarship aimed at college bound students suffering from the same illness.

2014 ELSF Scholarship Recipients

In May of 2014 Ian Murphy and Faith Miller were awarded the Scholarship.

We wish them well in all their endeavors.

These are the earliest recipients.

2008 ELSF Scholarship Recipients

On May 12th of 2008 Meagan Jayne, a high school student from Santaquin, Utah and Rebecca Clemons, a journalism student from Cheshire, Mass were the recipients of $1000 scholarships from The Elizabeth Lulu Scholarship Foundation.

Each of them bring unique, and inspiring stories of accomplishment in the face of this terrible disease. Meagan Jayne
In one very real way, Meagan Jayne is the first recipient to truly embody the original goals of the Foundation: To find a teenager, in the middle of their high school tenure and encourage them to go on BEFORE they are faced with daunting decisions about their future.

Fifteen year olds aren’t necessarily thinking about college and yet, after being alerted to our scholarship, Meagan decided to apply.

Her illness is crushing, both physically and emotionally and yet Meagan has decided to not let it keep her from living the life she dreams of.

Confined to a wheelchair and suffering from “Conversion Disorder” Meagan isn’t giving up and we are proud to be able to help her with her fight.

Rebecca Clemons
The salient wisdom that Rebecca described in her essay, when she wrote, “The goal is not to beat him [cystic fibrosis], for I do not believe in setting unrealistic goals for myself. What I hope to prove to the CF Monster is that I have learned to live with him, but I choose not to suffer from him.”

This sentiment more than exemplified the kind of person we were looking for to represent the foundation, to represent the type of person Elizabeth had always chosen to be.

We wish the best for Rebecca. We expect there will be plenty of by-lines with her name attached in the coming years and we are proud to be able to help her in any way.

2007 ELSF Scholarship Recipients

In 2007 the Elizabeth Lulu Scholarship Foundation has awarded its first pair of scholarships to two very deserving and inspiring students.
Eric Hein
Our first recipient is Eric Hein, an 18 year old from Souderton, Pennsylvania. A published poet, his work having appeared in the book “Timeless Voices”;, Eric is planning on attending Seminole Community College for his Associate’s degree and then transferring to a 4 year college for his Bachelor’s.

Eric was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at the age of 2 but has not let that deter him from his dream of becoming a writer. In addition to poetry, Eric is a songwriter and a novelist having completed two unpublished novels to date.

We are proud to award one of the two 2007 scholarships to Mr. Hein and look forward to reading his future works.
Lauren Edwards
Lauren Edwards is a 17 year old high school student hailing from Tucson, Arizona who recently underwent live donor double lung transplant surgery at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Lauren, who has aspirations of becoming a pharmacist was recently the keynote speaker at an Arizona CF event dinner.

Determined to complete her education and graduate with her class, Lauren pursued an alternative avenue to completing her requirements while recovering from the surgery. Using Direct Link she was able to complete an entire year of schooling in just five short months. She managed to get A’s in all three of the classes she needed to complete that year; Pre-Calculus, American History and Junior English.

It is an honor to make Lauren the second of our inaugural recipients in 2007.

Thanks to the unbridled generosity of a number of donors, The ELSF has achieved what we set out to do. If you would like to make a tax-free donation please click on the donate tab and find out how you can help us give a leg up to another pair of deserving people.